The Toyes

“A big Groove with a big Message ...”

B Wishes is a member of the legendary Counter-Culture American Reggae-Rock combo, The Toyes, co-writing and co-producing, singing and playing rhythm guitar both live and in the studio.

The Toyes, based in Southern Oregon, are perhaps most famous for their song Smoke Two Joints which was originally recorded in 1983 and rereleased on their 1993 debut album The Toyes.

B Wishes can be heard contributing soulful harmonies and smoking rhythm guitar parts on such tunes as the medical marijuana anthem Green Doctor and feel good songs such as Love and Laughter and Pick Yourself Up.

The Toyes second album, Strange Animals, was a commercial success and included gems like She Believes and Waiting for the Aliens and included contributions from Peter Tosh Band members Santa Davis and Fully Fullwood.

The Toyes consists of B Wishes, Mawg on guitar and vocals, John Trujillo on Bass and have a rotating roster of sidemen performing at their energetic live shows.
As of January 2010, The Toyes have headed into the studio to begin recording a new album to be released in Fall of 2010.

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