Vicki was a bad girl, she was the wrong kind of crowd
Her father and her brothers and her sisters were all crazy
Her Mom was nowhere around
A very young girl of very easy virtue
A wild little tart who never had a curfew
It was a small town and Vicki got around and around and around

I saw Vicki late last year
She burst into the bar all covered in tears
Dried her eyes and conjured up a smile
And though we hadn't socialized in more than a while
Suddenly poured out her heart to me
And something in her eyes still haunts me

Poor Vicki, poor little Vicki
Vicki's got a ghost in her eyes...
Poor Vicki, poor little Vicki
She left home and ran into the Boogie Man
Where bad things go bump in the big city nights

I remember Vicki loose as a rug on the floor
Cigarettes, kinky sex, boozin’ with the grownups
Was what she lived for
Always runnin' 'round with guys a whole lot older
I doubt that she believed the lies they probably told her
If it was a good time, Vicki got in line and she didn't seem to mind

But I saw Vicki late last year
A shadow of herself all smothered in fear
Told me that she spent some time in jail
Her marriage and her Motherhood were doomed to fail
A victim of police brutality
And something in her eyes said why me...


Vicki's all alone now
Talks to the flys on the wall
Her Father and her brothers and her sisters come to see her
She doesn't recognize them at all
It's a bright white place with nurses speaking softly
She stares into space and curses over coffee
It was a rough ride somewhere along the line
Little Vicki lost her mind
But I still picture Vicki when she was twelve and I was ten.

I'm sorry there's no moral to this song
It's just the story of a girl who's life went wrong
And even if one day she finds some peace
All my life her eyes will haunt me