Never Understand

You made me more forgiving than I thought that I could be
Cause I couldn’t give you up no matter what you did to me
You showed me I had patience I never knew that I possessed
And Honey how you put it to the test.

And now you are the you in all my songs
And you’re what makes these winter nights so long
You’re the love that slipped right through my hands
And you’re the one I’ll never understand
do do do do do doot doot doo a wooe-oh
You’re the one I’ll never understand

Impossible puzzle pieces never meant to fit
The square peg in the round hole the epitome of it
I can’t think of a single thing on which we could agree
But being with you meant the world to me


And even now, I don’t know why
I still hang my head and cry
When I think of how you said good-bye
Right after we made love
And the sentimental things you said to me
Just intensify the mystery
But I can see that I can’t be the she you’re dreaming of

Although you are the you in all my songs.......