A free-spirited life as uncommon as her musical and lyrical creations.

B Wishes is an eclectic singer, songwriter and musician of the highest caliber. Known for her emotional and spirited live shows, as a solo performer or with the B Wishes Band, B never fails to rock the house.

B has been prolific in writing, producing and performing music since the tender age of six and has seven CD releases of original music to her credit. Her independently released solo album "Live from Paganos" became a grassroots phenomenon when it was released in 2004, quickly selling out at her live shows. "Live from Paganos" – an offering of pointed social and political commentary – showcases B’s comfort as folk-singer and innovative acoustic guitar artist on tunes such as "Our Moment in History" and "Conquerors and Liberators". Her next two releases “The Truth That Works for Me” and “Chasing the Flaming Pearl” are rich and eclectic fully produced collections that continue to show the evolution of this amazing songwriter, musician and producer, and gifts us all with yet more unabashed glimpses into her heart of hearts.

Nationally, B is best known for her work with the legendary counterculture reggae-rock band The Toyes, with whom she co-writes, co-produces and lays down smokin’ rhythm guitar and heady vocal parts both on stage and in the studio.

Widely recognized for their hit anthem Smoke Two Joints, The Toyes have released several albums successfully blending strong social and political content with a wicked sense of humor and infectious reggae-rock grooves.

B’s story is unusual. She was raised in a log cabin in the deep Alaskan wilderness, her father having decided to retreat from civilization and take his family back to nature.  There they lived like the pioneers of old with no modern conveniences of any kind, and home schooled by the light of kerosene lamps.

Isolated from the outside world and with no playmates other than her older siblings, B began playing guitar, singing and song writing beginning at age six, and spent long hours wrapped around her dad’s old Martin guitar that was almost too big for her to hold.  When she was thirteen her parents separated and she came out of the woods and embarked on her professional music career in Anchorage performing live shows and working as an in-demand studio vocalist.

A songwriter in the truest sense of the word, B’s creations celebrate the entire human experience, from politics to sex and psychology, love, relationships and war and yes, even aliens. Significantly, B delivers them to her fans with incredibly powerful and moving guitar and vocal skills.

B recently said “I always tell people that I am a songwriter first and foremost and that’s what I was put here to do. I write in so many different styles, much of it not really for me or what I would consider ‘my style’. Then I think of my dearest heroes and greatest influences – Lennon and McCartney – who never restricted their muse to any particular genre. When I think of the variety in their music, it’s mind-boggling that so many different stories in so many different styles came from one band and even coexisted on the same albums. That assures me that it’s okay for me to do that. You can’t deny what you hear in your head.”

B Wishes is a tiny-framed woman with a giant-sized stage presence and charisma strong enough to grab any audience by the scruff of the neck and whisk them away with her on the journey of her performance and return them safely and gently back.

Truly unique, dynamic and unforgettable, B is the real deal; the genuine article. When B is not in the studio recording, she typically can be found rocking her home turf in Southern Oregon in many venues, solo or accompanied by a variety of line-ups.